Let's Talk Business - How to invest optimally for tax purposes after the Summer Agreement?

How to invest optimally for tax purposes after the Summer Agreement?

Your company has reserves that you like to earn a profit from. By investing, you can achieve a return and at least maintain your purchasing power. But how do you invest fiscally in your company to the best of your ability?

VGD and Van Lanschot will inform you of all changes and concerns regarding investment taxation, one of the most complex themes within our Belgian tax system.

We provide you with practical examples of the most important insights.


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18h - 19h: Welcome with sandwiches
19h - 20h: Presentation: 

Peter Weekers - Specialties Desk - Family Entrepreneurs
Anthony Meul - Tax Specialist

20h: Networking with snack and drink 

Peter Weekers

Peter Weekers

Peter Weekers (56) has 34 years of experience in the financial sector. Peter started his career at the then BBL and switched to Van Lanschot in 1998. There, as director, he took care of the expansion of the Ghent office.

For several years now, Peter has been responsible for the Family Entrepreneurs segment, where a specific service has been set up with a focus on business transfer, pension accrual and management of family assets.

Anthony Meul

Anthony Meul

Anthony Meul (32) has 10 years of experience as a Tax specialist. Anthony Meul holds a Master's degree in Finance from the Lessius University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp. Afterwards he further explored the world of taxation through a Advanced Master Tax Law. 

He started his career at PwC and UPS and currently works as an independent tax consultant for the financial consultancy firm VGD. Anthony is a passionate tax specialist with 10 years of experience in the field of acquisitions, restructurings, due diligence and (inter)national tax matters.