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Also have unfinished business with the GDPR? A blessing for your business? Or do you really need to worry? You can't ignore it in the media. GDPR is on its way. But what is myth and what is truth? Are the worst case scenarios in the media reality? GDPR is in the spotlight nowadays, because a breach of GDPR can cost you money or your reputation....  The main objective of GDPR is the protection of citizens' personal data.

From now on, companies and organisations that collect, store and process personal data will bear a greater responsibility. And that is precisely why it is very important to know what GDPR actually means in practice. Only then can you take the right actions. 

VGD would like to help you to make your company GDPR compliant, and we would like to invite you to our free information sessions on this topic. You can register right away by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page 


Park Molenheide

Molenheidestraat 7

3530 Houthalen-Helchteren



12h - 12h30: Welcome with sandwiches

12h30 - 14h: Presentation

14h: Networking


Philippe Kimpe

Philippe Kimpe

During the breakfast session, Philippe Kimpe (Data Protection Officer) will give you a practical explanation of how the new GDPR regulations work. In addition, a few pain points and questions will be addressed, and you will receive numerous tips.

Nobby Vanheyst

Nobby Vanheyst

Nobby Vanheyst (Data Protection Officer) approaches GDPR from an IT perspective and also holds an ISO 27000 certification.