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Wealth planning services


Have you ever thought about why professional advice on pension planning and asset management is highly recommendable? Proactive thinking guarantees peace of mind.

How to manage my assets in the long run? How much capital is needed after having suffered income loss? How to help my children on their way to financial independence? When exactly should I retire?
We have answers to all of your questions. And strive to adequate tax optimization tailored to your family situation and to ensure peace of mind.
After all, your personal and family situation constitutes the foundation for a sound retirement strategy and an adequate management of your assets. Your personal needs, wishes and choices evolve over the years and do have an impact. That is why we strongly believe in a personal approach and we put you and your family first and foremost.
Your assets are not a static concept. Asset planning requires much more than a holistic approach. Therefore, we offer you advice tailored to your very own situation. And what is more, the legal framework is fast evolving too, and an efficient pension and asset planning should systematically respond to any legal developments.

We can do even more for you

You can also appeal to us for (legal) advice and guidance with any of the following:
  • Succession planning
  • Private donations
  • Civil-law partnerships, trusts, private foundations
  • Family inheritance issues in your company
  • Valuation of your company
  • Legal pensions and income loss after retirement
  • Fiscal and financial engineering analysis/optimization of your additional pension contracts
  • Casualty analysis with a view to financial protection of your company and your family
  • Analysis of additional insurance policies, banking products, and/or (mortgage) credit
  • Cashflow analysis and balanced retirement income streams
  • (Drawing up) testaments/last wills, cohabitation and marriage contracts
  • Legal, financial and fiscal structuring and optimizing of your real estate investments
  • Analysis of the allocation of the different asset components

Just ask us about it

Are you interested to know what VGD can do for you in the matter of pension planning and asset management? Please do not hesitate to contact our VGD specialists: Frederic Dedeurwaerdere (asset planning) and Evert Huyghe (pension planning) at and