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Socio-legal advice


In whatever sector your company is active, we offer a socio-legal contact point for SME's as well as large companies.

How to prepare for a social inspection visit? How to deal with your employee asking for a salary raise? How to make the salary costs for your business bearable? How to optimize your salary policy? How to deal with older workers? What are your rights and obligations? How to improve your employees’ work-life balance? Flexible time schedule, teleworking, …? 
We have answers to all of your questions. Our fields of expertise are the following:
  • social audit
  • outplacement
  • optimization of remuneration policy
  • employment regulations
  • social elections
  • guidance social inspection visits
  • negotiations with the national employment office (“RVA”), trade unions, inspectors investigating an individual or collective dispute
  • end-of-career issues
  • employment duration
  • international employment (work permits, …) 
  • employment measures (target groups reductions, older employees, …)
  • courses about social legislation (suspension of employment contract, employment regulation, basic remuneration principles, salary optimization, time credit, unemployment with company allowance (“SWT”), …)

Interested in ready-to-use solutions to upgrade your human resources policy? VGD initiated a cooperation with Sofie Beuls, expert in labour law. Get in touch with Sofie by e-mail: