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Online accountancy with VGD Online


You wish to keep a close eye on the financial situation of your company?
We coach you online… 7 days a week, whenever you like.

VGD Online is a personal customer portal, accessible any place, any time. It guarantees a quick and safe transmission of all your documents. It also allows you to do online accountancy.

VGD Online offers current and historical information about your company and gives an overview of the financial situation of your business. Interactive communication and a blog system enable you to get in touch with your relations manager whenever you like.

Everything under control

VGD Online is more than a tool for online accountancy. On a regular basis, VGD Online provides management reports commenting on your key performance indicators and gives additional tax, cost management and investment advice. You will also have access to a number of sites with useful information on business management, exchange rates, pensions and taxes.

Upgrade your tools

Furthermore, the VGD Online service can be upgraded to an iVGD account allowing you to use real-time management information and configure it so as to be in line with the needs of your business.

Learn more about online accountancy

Contact us for more information about online accountancy or VGD Online. We will be happy to help you.