Financial expert partner for all your business questions

Broaden your perspective

Broaden your perspective

As a full-service knowledge partner for family and SME businesses, we broaden your entrepreneurial perspective and take well-considered and substantiated decisions together. We are much more than just an accountancy firm.

With proactive advice

With proactive advice

By focusing on digitization, you as an entrepreneur can fully focus on your core tasks. By digitizing your business processes, we have access to valuable data that helps in giving you advise proactively.

Personal and to measure

Personal and to measure

We know how crucial trust is and that every entrepreneurial story is different. We are happy to engage in conversation
with you. That personal contact is one of the things that makes us so unique. Our main credo therefore is: let's talk.

Your sparring partner

VGD is the knowledge partner for your company. With more than 40 years of experience, we support entrepreneurs in matters relating to tax, audit and accountancy and we help with acquisitions, pension planning or subsidy applications. All this to grow your business together.

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In our magazine we give you advice and insights about all aspects of doing business. We help you to do business efficiently, so that you are ready for what comes tomorrow. In the VGD Touché you can get acquainted with our expertise in the following knowledge domains:
Accountancy | Tax | Audit | Legal | HR advisory | Environment | Estate planning | HR legal | Subsidies | Corporate finance | CFO services | VAT


In a functional analysis, we translated the complexity of Groep Huyzentruyt into user-friendly reporting in BrightAnalytics.


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