Family entrepreneur

Familiale ondernemer

Your partner for tailor made advice

There’s nothing like a family business, and this is a core VGD specialisation. As a family entrepreneur, your company is close to your heart. You can see it blossoming and growing at close quarters, and naturally you are also looking for a partner who can inspire you further and advise you on the next steps.

For more than 35 years we have been assisting leading families with the structural management of their assets. The focus is not only on the companies themselves, but in particular on the people behind the company.

In this way, our specialists offer advice tailored to your company and we are happy to relieve you of any administrative burden, freeing up time for you to work on your business.

In addition, VGD has specialists in various fields who can further assist you with specific issues such as takeovers, legal questions, drawing up your pension plan or leaving your company to the next generation. Together we can build on the success story of your family assets!


Do you have any further questions? You can always contact our advisors!