Estate Planning

Plan for a carefree tomorrow

Estate Planning begins with a detailed estate inventory. Afterwards, you protect and expand your estate with the right techniques. After all, a well thought-out inheritance planning guarantees a seamless transfer. Throughout this entire process, our advisors offer you a tailor-made guidance.

Estate planning


An estate inventory is a list of all your real estate and movable property. Our advisors will help you draw it up correctly, looking at your:

  • real estate (e.g. houses and land)
  • business (e.g. shares in your family company, or a sole proprietorship)
  • bank accounts
  • pension provisions
  • investment portfolios
  • art or other collections
  • possible debts

The gift inventory is also part of your estate inventory. It gives you an overview of all gifts you have already made during your lifetime, so that you can always consult the balance between your heirs.



Almost your entire estate planning process is recorded in documents. Think of marriage contracts, wills, gift documents… With our digital platform VGD Pax Familia, we keep all those important documents for you in a 'digital' vault.

This is only accessible to you and your personal advisor, but you can also grant access to others - such as your partner, children or grandchildren.

Pension planning

Expand and protect your assets

Cash flow planning

With a thorough cash flow analysis we give you a clear picture of your personal liquid assets.
With this, we also calculate the impact on your standard of living if you want to retire early or make a gift.

Pension advice

As a self-employed person, the statutory pension is rarely sufficient to maintain your standard of living.You can consult our specialists for:

  • drawing up a pension plan
  • advice and assistance in statutory and supplementary pensions (VSPSS, IPC, pension savings, long-term savings, etc.)
  • end of career simulations
  •  real estate financing through supplementary pension accrual

Property Planning

Investing in property is a common technique for expanding your capital.
We can advise you on this from a financial, legal and tax angle.

Reduced gift or inheritance tax

By structuring your (family) business in the right way - from both a tax and legal viewpoint -
you can transfer them with a reduced gift or inheritance tax.

Your personal advisor will review with you whether your company is eligible or not.

The new inheritance law since 2018

On 1 September 2018, Belgian inheritance law and inheritance tax underwent significant changes. Inheritance tax rates and matrimonial property law were modified, and since then global and punctual succession agreements can also be concluded in Belgium.

inheritance planning


When you retire, it is time to enjoy what you have established during your career. But what about the future of your family business and your other properties? How do you guarantee family peace of mind?

You can consult our specialists for questions or advice on:

  • cohabitation and marriage contracts
  • wills
  • life insurance
  • gifts
  • gift tax
  • inheritance tax
  • making a phased transfer in a family business

Do you have any further questions regarding the planning of your estate or pension? You can always contact our estate planners!

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