Are you starting your own business? Are you looking to grow your company? Do you have international ambitions? It is often difficult to find the right financing. The Flemish government has many different forms of financing and subsidies that may apply to your company or sector.

However, you first need to know that they exist! Many subsidy possibilities are insufficiently known and therefore remain under-used. You can count on VGD to give you the necessary subsidy advice.

Subsidy advice

Are you ready for subsidies?

  • Do you need funding in the coming months?
  • Are you planning investments?
  • Do you have personnel-focused individual or collective projects in the pipeline?
  • Do you know what’s involved in one-off or strategic technology projects?
  • Does your company own intellectual property?
  • Do you have plans for innovation or transformation of products, processes or services?


If you answered positively to any of the above questions, you should certainly contact one of our advisors for subsidy advice.


Subsidy advice from A to Z tailored to your company!

Our subsidy advisors give a clear answer to all your questions, and much more... Your personal situation is checked against more than 500 subsidy frameworks in Belgium and we also look at EU level.

Our subsidy advisors will guide you through the entire process and translate ideas and plans into a strong application. We can provide support both strategically and operationally with appropriate reporting and closely monitor the results of the resources deployed. We follow up your application all the way through to receipt of payment.

ESF Training

ESF subsidies: subsidise the training of your employees!

The European Social Fund (ESF) subsidises companies’ training projects. Businesses from any sector and social profit organisations with one or more branches in Flanders can apply for a subsidy, but only for employees who are employed in branches in Flanders. Approved projects may receive up to 100,000 euros in subsidies.

Are your programmes eligible? Our subsidy advisors will ensure your request goes as smoothly as possible!

The next ESF deadline is 31st August 2018.

SME portfolio

VGD is an authorised service provider of the SME portfolio

The SME portfolio is a measure that provides you, as an entrepreneur, with financial support for the purchase of services that improve the quality of your business. In concrete terms, these are training courses and consultancy services, such as drawing up a communication plan for your company.

The SME portfolio is specific to SMEs and members of the liberal professions and can range from amounts up to €10,000 for small enterprises and €15,000 for medium-sized enterprises.

The SME portfolio aims to be accessible to as many companies as possible. That is why it is made as simple as possible to register and submit subsidy applications.

Some of our achievements in the field of subsidy advice:

A training course on customer-friendliness for 1,500 point-of-sale employees attracts a subsidy of 100,000 euros for a large company.

The prototype of a new small electric utility vehicle is nearly market-ready. In order to reach the commercialisation phase, the company is still looking for 500,000 euros in capital.

A family company develops a new type of concrete block that opens up a new market for sound barriers and retaining walls. In order to achieve this innovation, the company receives 250,000 euros in innovation support on a budget of 500,000 euros.

For the individual packaging of medicines, a company receives 460,000 euros in investment aid, representing 28% of its total investment amount.

A tank cleaning company receives more than 40,000 euros in ecology support for the purification and reuse of its process water.

Do you have further questions regarding subsidies? You can always contact our advisors!

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