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Tied up with your social security, withholding taxes or resignation compensation ? A social law violation that you want to challenge? Or wondering whether or not your organisation would pass a social inspection? Our HR Legal advisors are the point of contact for entrepreneurs with questions about human resources, social inspection and social audits.


From social security to HR

At VGD, a team of socio-legal advisors is at your service. The sector or size of your organisation does not matter. Our experts provide tailored advice on all socio-legal issues:

  • social security
  • holiday pay, parental leave and care leave
  • work regulations, working hours and occupational accident insurance
  • social law
  • employment measures (e.g. target group reductions)
  • outplacement
  • international employment and work permits
  • payroll and wage optimisations
  • Dismissal counselling and severance payments
  • time credit, end of career and seniority
  • social elections
  • negotiations with the SAA, trade unions and inspectorates
  • social law training
  • social audits 


Social Audit

What is a social audit

A social audit takes the form of a social inspection, but is only done at the request of your organisation and by an external, independent party, such as VGD. The goal is to get an idea of possible flaws or missing documents, so that you can put them in order before the real social inspection. Afterwards, you will receive a report with additional advice, for example on remuneration policy.

Do you have any further questions? You can always contact our social legal advisors

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