Liberal professions

Liberal professions

Complex matter explained clearly

Legislation on the liberal professions has always been complex and subject to many changes. You often have a lot of questions to ask. How is registration in the Crossroads Database for Enterprises progressing? Which documents do you have to submit to which authorities? Or do you have any questions about drawing up your pension plan for later? Or optimally structuring your company for tax purposes? VGD has a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are at home in this field and can further support and advise you on all possible questions.

Our specialists will keep a close eye on new legislation for you and ensure that you are always up to date. Using our various digital platforms, our accountants also simplify your financial administration so that more time is available to give advice tailored to your company's needs. In addition, our legal experts can assist you in drawing up all the documents required for the start of your activity or our tax experts and asset planners in optimally structuring your assets and planning your pension.



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