Support measures and tips for entrepreneurs

In response to the Corona virus, the Belgian government has taken several drastic measures. These are likely to affect many entrepreneurs both directly and indirectly. Even in these difficult times, our advisors are ready to guide and advise you in the best possible way.

Here you will find information about various support measures offered by the government or possible social-legal or fiscal steps you can take. Do you already have questions? Contact our team of advisers at

As an entrepreneur, do you have any questions about corona? Our advisors are ready for you!

Download the overview of government support measures

Are you looking for support measures for your company? Our advisors have set up a clear overview that you can download of all Flemish and Brussels support measures.

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25/03 - 10 tips: Avoid intensive care for your organization with good cash planning

These difficult times can cause a lot of problems for companies. Avoid intensive care with cash planning!

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23/03 - UPDATE - Financial difficulties caused by coronavirus? The government offers several support measures

Because of the stricter government regulations, our advisors list all the support measures.

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23/03 - Cybercrime and the coronavirus go hand in hand

Watch out for phishing mails! Cybercriminals are using these times to their advantage!

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20/03 - Government changes rules temporary unemployment due to coronavirus

The government decided today that there is no longer a distinction between temporary unemployment due to force majeure or economic reasons.

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18/03 - Belgian goverment offers companies general deferment of payment due to coronavirus

The federal government provides for a general deferment of payment. This to give companies the necessary breathing space.

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Do you have questions as an entrepreneur? Our advisors are there for you!

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