Digital accountant

At VGD, we provide the most advanced assistance possible for entrepreneurs. This means that we also help digitalise and computerise your bookkeeping. We do that using the best software tools on the market, because accurate data form the basis of every profitable company.


Not only do we encourage our clients to work digitally as much as possible and to supply digital documents, we are also happy to give you a hand with this! VGD tries to ensure that these digital flows run as efficiently as possible using a carefully devised digital ecosystem.

As an entrepreneur these days you more or less have to digitalise. But do you start gradually or adopt a more radical approach? Our advisers are happy to consider with you how and to what extent your administration can be digitalised.

Jeroen Vanhoutte

As an entrepreneur, you are at the service of your customers all day long. After a full day’s work you often still have a long list of administrative to-do’s. Digitalisation means you work more efficiently. If you don’t have to input your invoices yourself, you have more time for your core business. Does an accountant already do that for you? Then he or she can use the time saved for more advice!

Jeroen Vanhoutte - Adviseur Accountancy
Digital accountant


Digitalisation means you work more efficiently. We put a number of smart software tools to practical use for this.

If you trust us with your bookkeeping from A to Z, you can get started with our entrepreneurial platform My VGD Connect, a branded environment from our partner Billit, where we have defined a number of standard VGD settings so that it fits seamlessly into our current ecosystem (see image below).

With this digital platform, your records will never be processed so quickly. The fast and user-friendly all-in-one platform allows you to get real-time insights into your company's records at a glance, wherever and whenever you want. Of course, your VGD advisor remains available for personal advice. My VGD Connect is mobile-first and is part of our existing digital service where we offer you one free user.

Our online accounting software Exact Online allows us to simplify and automate many administrative processes. The Robotic Accounting capabilities of this software help reduce the error rate even further for frequently recurring operations. 

In addition, as an entrepreneur you can use our Silverfin and BrightAnalytics reporting tools to check the financial health of your company digitally at any time of the day. Both reporting tools are always synchronised 1-to-1 with our online bookkeeping software.

All this results in smooth document processing, a more frequent overview of the data, a clearer insight into your figures and customised advice from specialists!


digital ecosystem

Did you know, for example, that it is possible to log into various online services such as, and without an identity card, an identity card reader, token, log-in data or password? This can be done using Itsme.



  • Centralised bookkeeping available on line (buying and selling, but also the possibility of linking documents to various entries);
  • Up-to-date, clear insight into your company’s figures;
  • Accessible wherever and whenever you wish, regardless of the device (computer/laptop/tablet);
  • Well organised reports and dashboards that clearly show how your figures are developing.
  •  Digitalised and computerised bookkeeping gives us more time to offer you customised advice.

Do you have any questions? You can always contact our advisors