Purchasing a company: let yourself be guided

To boost your business, you can try to increase your turnover and market share organically. In this way you grow steadily - but also slowly. A more risky, but faster option is a business acquisition. Please note, an acquisition is not without risks! Still willing to take a leap of faith and generate growth? Our Corporate Finance advisors are happy to jump right into your story.


Avoid unpleasant surprises before and after the sale

Due diligence

In order not to buy a pig in a poke, a thorough buyer due diligence is of great importance. Here too, our advisors are present, with alongside them a team of experts in the field of tax, environment, HR and legal topics. Because in an acquisition you also have to take into account some legal points of interest. We are your right hand in the takeover negotiations and we will sit at the table with you to provide further advice, or to help negotiate the price and conditions.

In close dialogue, the focus is placed on those elements that drive the price:

Recurring EBITDA analysis
Implemented standardisations analysis
Current trading
Insight into working capital level
Insight into net financial debt

After the Sale

Even after the takeover, we will continue to work closely together! We will help with the great challenge of turning two separate companies into one strong and streamlined entity without losing sight of the uniqueness of each company. We will remain your sparring partners and dispose of a multidisciplinary team of experts for all issues that you and your team are struggling with after the acquisition.

VGD helps with, among other things:

Maintaining of Books of Accounts
Standardising the personnel policy
Standardising and optimising various
administrativeprocesses and reports
Auditing the figures
Providing subsidy advice for investments
Simplifying legal structures


Nathalie Ponnet - adviseur Corporate Finance

To boost your business, you can try to increase your turnover and market share. That's how you grow steadily… but slowly. A more daring option is a company takeover. The risks are greater, but you expand faster.

Nathalie Ponnet - Advisor Corporate Finance
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