Selling your company: go for the maximum

Leaving your business is the fastest, but at the same time the most drastic way to cash in on your hard work. You want to get the most out of it and sell it to the best party, without taking risks and jeopardising the company. As a seller you have several tricks up your sleeve. Our corporate finance advisors help you to play it off as best as possible.

A good beginning is half the battle won

Preparing your business for sale

Preparation is the most acute phase of the sales process. Our corporate finance experts will assist you from preparing your company for sale, to even after the sale. First, we investigate the possibilities together: Is succession within the family possible? Maybe someone from management is willing to step in? Or are external parties a candidate? We then provide you with a clear and informative business analysis in the information memorandum which contains all useful information for potential buyers.

Vendor due diligence

A vendor due diligence report verifies the accuracy of any information you present to the buyer and prevents disagreements form arising after the sale. If you, as a seller, take care of this yourself, you will maintain more control over the sales process. If issues occur, you still have the time to make adjustments. Your advisor will ensure a professional presentation of the profitability and cost structure in your company. This guarantees more efficiency and time savings, as due diligence activities on the seller's side are minimal.

Arne Coeman - Corporate Finance Advisor

Entrepreneurs thinking of selling their business would do well to start preparing their business well in advance and maximize its value by taking some specific actions.


Arne Coeman - Corporate Finance Advisor
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