The valuation of your company

How much is my company worth? And how do I determine the company's value I want to acquire? Both are important questions, given that an objective company valuation is the key to a successful sale or acquisition.


Arne Coeman - Corporate Finance Advisor

Research has shown that as many as four out of ten Flemish entrepreneurs do not know the value of his or her company. However, that information is crucial when you want to transfer your company or plan an acquisition. We therefore recommend having a valuation carried out. The results of that valuation can then immediately be used to make your company ready for sale and to maximize its value by taking a few actions.

Arne Coeman - Corporate Finance Advisor

How to determine the value of your company?

Valuation methods

We determine the company's value based on common valuation methods, such as the discounted cash flow method and the EBITDA multiple method. For real estate companies, holding companies, or in the absence of returns, we perform the valuation on the basis of the adjusted equity capital.

International database

Our experts use an international database when searching for comparable companies, in order to calculate the weighted average capital cost and the EBITDA market multiple. This ensures us that our business valuation passes the test!

Value coaching

By means of value coaching, we are also happy to help you maximise your company's value. This involves responding to the most important drivers that determine the company's value, so that they lead to maximum leverage on the business valuation.


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