Get more insights from your data with professional reporting

As CFO Services, we help you understand the cost and profitability of your company's activities, products and clients. By presenting these data visually through intelligent BI tools, such as BrightAnalytics, you receive clear, real-time insights in your business operations and you can set up a good cash planning.

CFO Services ecosystem


  • Combining financial and operational data
  • Setting up periodic internal and external reports
  • Translating your business strategy into the right KPIs and objectives
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Enriching financial data
  • Optimising the closing process
Stijn Van Dam

A reporting platform is interesting for both the company itself and for investors.

Stijn Van Dam - CFO services
Management Reporting

We ensure efficient management reporting

We ensure efficient management reporting

Are the following statements recognisable?

- Do you not have an overview of your financial and operational data and are they separated from each other?
- Do you have trouble developing a strategy based
on the right KPIs?
- Are you unable to monitor and analyse the sales
figures per product segment?
- Do you still use labour-intensive and error-prone
Excel files to create reports?
- Is establishing reports very time-consuming and
- Do you have insufficient control over
the future cash position?

We ensure efficient management reporting

How our advisors can help

- We analyse which data you require and how we can efficiently establish reporting
- We help you in drawing up budgets and (cash flow) forecasts, based on your strategic objectives
- We help optimise your company's cost structure and monitor performance through variance analysis
- We provide insights into the key components of your working capital
- We propose a suitable consolidation tool in which the consolidation process will be faster and more efficient
- We ensure that you have a continuous overview of your performance, in order that you can make quick adjustments.

Fast and efficient financial reporting at Vivaldis Interim

In a mature organization like ours, we really have to react quickly. We can do that thanks to a cash forecast that is delivered quickly and reliably.

Walter Depris - Group CFO at Vivaldis
Fast and efficient financial reporting at Vivaldis Interim


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